The Science of Us: Understand your emotions on climate change

The Science of Us - 1 July 2021

Understand your emotions on climate change

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Hear from scientists, researchers, authors and academics on topics that help us to understand troubling human behaviour through the prism of science, as part of the Science of Us program, run in partnership with Inspiring Australia. 

Award-winning science reporter Jonica Newby explores how to navigate the emotional turmoil of climate change. Jonica’s new book, Beyond climate grief: a journey of love, snow, fire and an enchanted beer can, is a magical, often funny and deeply moving personal story that guarantees laughs, tears and food for the soul. After researching what global warming will do to the snow country she loves, Jonica plummeted into a state of profound climate grief. Then reality outstripped imagination as her family was swept up in the apocalyptic 2019–20 fires. Jonica  shares personal and scientific insights on how you can respond to climate grief, face the uncertainties ahead and find the courage to take action.