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Author Talks

Inspiring, insightful and entertaining highlights from the Library's program of author talks.

Award ceremony

Award announcements

Catch up on past winner announcements from the Library's vibrant awards program. 

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The B List bookclub

Acclaimed author Bri Lee speaks with the authors of her favourite new books.

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Comedies, Histories & Tragedies

A series of panel talks with some of Australia’s pre-eminent Shakespeare minds and artists discussing the Bard, his extraordinary body of work, and his creative influence throughout time.

[Book of hours, 15th cent.] [manuscript] Catholic Church. : 1450-1499?

Curator's Choice

Our Curators discuss the Library’s amazing collections and share their favourite stories.

Friends events

Friends events

Enjoy highlights from the rich program of events for Friends of the Library members, including interviews with leading authors and fascinating curator talks.

Historical Land Records Viewer training

Historical Land Records Viewer

Join us for a tutorial on using the Historical Land Records Viewer. 

Scholar Talks online

Scholar Talks showcase the work of the Library's Fellows and other researchers.

Talking deadly

Talking Deadly

 A First Nations speaker series hosted by the Library's Indigenous Engagement team.

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Headshots of Ann-Marie Priest and Tom Patterson

Meet the winners of the National Biography Award 2023

Hear from the winners of the National Biography Award 2023, Ann-Marie Priest and Tom Patterson.

Black and white headshot of Ellen van Neerven

Ellen van Neerven: Personal Score

Award-winning author Ellen van Neerven discusses their highly anticipated new book, Personal Score, with ABC’s Sam Lewis.

Text reads Charles Rodius, with landscape drawings appearing in the letters of Rodius. Above are 6 portrait drawings of people.

Exploring Charles Rodius

Curator David Hansen discusses the Library’s exhibition, Charles Rodius, with Mitchell Librarian Richard Neville.

Cover image of Bodysnatchers: Digging Up the Untold Stories of Britain's Resurrection Men by Suzie Lennox

Bodysnatchers with Suzie Lennox

Author Suzie Lennox explores the rise of body snatching in Georgian Britain.

Screen capture of Anna Johnston and William Christie from video

A Foreign Country: The Platypus Journal and the Felon Press

This lecture discusses The Tasmanian Journal of Natural Science, and also considers the role of the free press, Indigenous people and women, as part of the emergence of a distinctive colonial print culture.

Professor Dan Lubman

The Science of Us: Rethink addiction

Professor Dan Lubman AM discusses why people resist getting help for their addictions and how you or your loved ones can help overcome some of the barriers faced in getting professional support.

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The Science of Us: End loneliness together

Researchers Dr Michelle Lim and Professor Catherine Haslam explore what we can do to stop feeling lonely and practical steps you can take to form meaningful relationships.

Headshot Dr Mark Williams

The Science of Us: Limit your screen time

Discover the latest thinking on what too much screen time does to our brains and learn scientifically proven techniques for resisting the pull of our digital devices, with Dr Mark Williams and Jonica Newby.

The Science of Us: Understand your emotions on climate change

Author of Beyond Climate Grief, award-winning science reporter Jonica Newby explores how to navigate the emotional turmoil of climate change. 

Some Space to Write

Tom Lee, Linda Jaivin, Eileen Chong and Oliver Mol discuss the works they’ve written in Sydney, or about Sydney, to draw out just what role a city plays in making writers.

Headshot Anthony Macris

Second City: Essays from Western Sydney

Contributors from Second City, an anthology published by the Sydney Review of Books, discuss new directions in non-fiction, the possibilities of essay writing and both the richness and limitations of the designation 'Western Sydney writer'.

Science of Us: Conquer anxiety and fear

The Science of Us: Conquer anxiety and fear

Join Dr Melissa Norberg on The Science of Us program as she talks about anxiety and fear, and how we can conquer them when they arise.

Capturing Change: In conversation with Matt Abbott

Capturing Change: In conversation with Matt Abbott

A one-on-one online discussion with Matt Abbott and Philippa McDonald about Matt’s experiences as he worked to record the catastrophic Australian bushfires

Sydney Review of Books: New Nature

Sydney Review of Books: New Nature

 A new wave of Australian nature writers will redefine how to write about landscape, Country, ecology and biosphere in 21st century Australia.

What price the humanities

ACHRC: What price the humanities?

Professor Mark Ledbury will argue that ‘running the numbers’, is both an effective and a necessary method to demonstrate why all societies should prize and preserve the humanities research and education.

World Book Day: Hits & Misses

World Book Day: Hits & Misses

On World Book Day, five passionate readers and writers shared their favourite and least favourite reads.

A Body in Your Library

Crime stories often tell tales of great trauma, but the usually clear resolutions to even the most dreadful crimes give us a sense of hope.

World Press Photo with Rhett & Ella

Rhett and Ella travelled the country to capture fresh perspectives on the summer bushfires, the Black Lives Matter movement and the Closing the Gap strategy.

Captain’s log

Louise Anemaat considers the context of the Endeavour voyage, the daily logbook written in Cook’s hand, and the three official copies, including one held by the Library.


The making of Aereo

Watch DX Lab Fellow, Mauricio Giraldo, present on the making of Aereo.

A public lecture

A public lecture on public lecturing

A talk that reflects on the erotics of knowledge and on the public or ‘popular’ lecture as a complex cultural phenomenon.


The Gatherings Order

Photograph of cemetery overlaid with text  Burial files

The Burial Files

The Bridge: The Arch That Cut the Sky. A five-part series starring Australia's favourite icon, the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Bridge: the Arch that Cut the Sky

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