Wikis and blogs

Useful tools to keep you in the loop with other public libraries and to share your skills and knowledge

The public library working groups share information through wikis and other forms of social media.  The State Library shares news with NSW public libraries through the PLS blog, In the libraries enewsletter and Public Library Services enews.  These tools can help you keep informed about what other libraries are doing and allow you to share your skills and expertise.

We are also using social media to help NSW public libraries share information. Please take a look, follow us and use the #nswpubliclibraries hashtag when sharing to social media so that others can join the conversation.

Pinterest - Public Library Services

Instagram - Public libraries NSW

twitter - NSW public libraries

NSW public library buildings on flickr  - join this group to add photographs of your building.

NSW public libraries on flickr - join this group to add photographs of events or services in your library. 

Collaborative tools for working groups

Some of the state wide public library working groups are using collaborative tools to communicate and share information. These are developed and maintained by the relevant working groups.




NSW Reference & Information Services Group

RISG wiki includes material from the Local Studies working group.

Readers Advisory wiki




Ref-ex reference - training program 

Read watch play - themed reading group (ceased December 2018 but has useful resources

Document Delivery working group

Inter library loans for NSW public libraries

Home Library Service working group

Home Library Service wiki  


Literacy working group

Literacy wiki


Marketing working group

Marketing and programs wiki


Multicultural working group Multicultural wiki  

Children's and Young People working group

Young people in libraries wiki