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Photo from the Tribune archive, State Library of NSW, courtesy the SEARCH Foundation

Freedom Ride '65: unpublished photos from the Tribune archive

5 September 2015 – 29 November 2015
Exhibition Rooms

Take a fresh look at this iconic moment in Australian history, when a busload of students from the University of Sydney set off around country NSW to expose discrimination and racism against Aboriginal people. While the students' aim was to attract the attention of mainstream media, also travelling with them was a reporter/photographer from the Tribune, the weekly newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia. Of more than 100 photographs taken by the Tribune's 'special correspondent', only a handful were ever published.

Now, recently digitised to mark the 50th anniversary of the '65 Freedom Ride, these images provide a compelling alternative view of an event that captured the headlines nationally and internationally and is widely considered a turning point in Australian race relations.

Image: Photo from the Tribune archive, State Library of NSW, courtesy the SEARCH Foundation

Björk by Tony Mott

What a Life! Rock photography by Tony Mott

17 October 2015 – 7 February 2016
Mitchell & Dixson Galleries

Australia's premier rock photographer, Tony Mott has captured all aspects of the rock and roll lifestyle through his camera lens. An untrained photographer, he got his break with a photograph of Chrissy Amphlett, lead singer of the band Divinyls, and went on to become Australia’s leading rock photographer. Mott has had over 30,000 photographs published in 20 countries and his images have appeared on the covers of 500 CDs, 400 posters and more than 900 magazines. Mott was the photographer the bands asked for and his portfolio features the biggest and greatest names in music such as the Rolling Stones, Madonna and U2 as well as the rich and varied NSW independent band scene. From candid portraits to awe inspiring live shots Mott has a unique ability to connect with his subject.

Through the photography of Tony Mott the enormous changes in the music industry in Australia over the last twenty years can be tracked. The death of music street press, the loss of music venues as well the change to digital photography have all affected the music scene and as a consequence the art of rock photography.

Image: Björk by Tony Mott, 1994

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