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Nelson Meers Foundation

The Nelson Meers Foundation supports the State Library of New South Wales in presenting its outstanding collection of rare and historic items to the Australian public through the Heritage Collection series.

Crowd Source

Crowd Source

4 April 2015 – 23 August 2015
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In the 1880s Arthur K Syer strolled through the streets of Sydney with his parcel-wrapped, hand-held 'Detective Camera', which allowed him to take photographs without the subject's knowledge.

The informal nature of Syer's photographs — low camera angles, blurred movement and an absence of careful composition — give 1880s Sydney a cinematic quality. The gestures and poses of the street can be sensed.

These images provoke us to put ourselves in the crowd, and compare the lives of 1880s Sydney-siders with our own experience of the city.

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Pulp Confidential: Quick & dirty publishing from the 40s & 50s

Pulp Confidential

7 February 2015 – 10 May 2015
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Pulp Confidential: Quick & dirty publishing from the 40s & 50s presents a rich collection of 1940s and 50s vintage Australian “pulp” cover art, crime story illustrations and original comic books, drawn from the papers of Sydney publishing house, Frank Johnson Publications. It gives a glimpse of the everyday workings of a small but resilient player at the hard-scrabble end of the Australian publishing industry.

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Envision 54, 473 King Street, 10 November 2009, copyright Nic Bezzina, a8817022

Shopkeepers of Newtown:

1 November 2014 – 10 May 2015
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From 2009-2013 photographer Nic Bezzina documented the independent shopkeepers of Newtown, a suburb well known for its diversity and alternative culture. The body of work is a photographic documentary of some of the most iconic characters of Newtown and represents a snapshot of a vital commercial community at a pivotal time in history.

Image: Ann Kuljack, Envision 54, 473 King Street, 2009, copyright Nic Bezzina, a8817 Online No. 22

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