A personal reflection on Anzac Day

Indigenous Services Librarian, Melissa Jackson, shares her personal reflections on the importance of Anzac Day and the role of Aboriginal Servicewomen.

Charles Darwin and P. G. King

"Come King" he would say "you have been round Cape Horn and I have not yet done so, but do not come your traveller's yarns on me."

The Sinking of the Titanic 1912

The sinking of the Titanic remains one of the most famous disasters in history and the Library holds some interesting items relating to the event.

Legal issues for young people

What do you need to do if you crash your car? What legal rights do young people have? What happens if you don’t pay a fine? Do you have to show ID to police? 

Eresource update: Archives of Sexuality & Gender

The Archives of Sexuality & Gender: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 present important aspects of LGBTQ life in the second half of the twentieth century and beyond.

Behind the scenes with artist Wendy Sharpe

Our artist in residence share what she is seeing and drawing 'backstage' at the Library.

Alexander Burnett Hector and his colour music invention

Alexander Burnett Hector was convinced there were underlying scientific principles of harmony and vibration between colour and music, based on those found in nature.

Across the curator’s desk: A map of the town of Sydney

How the town of Sydney was laid out in 1831.

Talking Deadly: From Cuba to Closing the Gap

Professor Jack Beetson kicked off this year's Talking Deadly speaker series with a great talk on the Literacy for Life Foundation's innovative adult literacy campaign.

Aged care

Finding information about aged care services can be very difficult. Here are two places you can find help.

A round of mocktails

Mocktails have been on the menu at several library events over the last few months.

Legal issues for older people

How do I make a will? What are the risks involved in helping my family financially?

Time tunnel

Peter Arfanis, Librarian and Fairfax Project Lead, shares one of Australia's most significant and comprehensive media business archives. 

Drug and alcohol issues for young people

What is a hangover? How long does it take to sober up? What kind of damage do inhalants do to the body and the brain? What is mobile drug testing?