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Talking Deadly with Dr Michael Bennett

Dr Michael Bennett was the inaugural speaker of the new series Talking Deadly: Indigenous Voices at the Library, speaking about his fascinating  Pathfinders project.

Digital Experience Instagram takeover

Get an inside look at the work we do creating digital experiences with the upcoming #dxdtakeover of Instagram!

The First Sydney Fish Market

Behind the grand army of hawkers, and acting as sort of camp followers to them, were a number of ragged sharp-looking boys.

Fellow's Book Launch

Come to our 2015 CH Currey Fellow's Book Launch. 

Aboriginal names for Library’s rooms

The Library celebrates Aboriginal leaders and their contribution to our national history with rooms dedicated to their memory.


Q&A with artist Nasim Nasr

Nasim Nasr talks to us about the work she created for the exhibition Under the sun

New tricks for old material

ARCHivER and Angus & Robertson at the State Library of New South Wales, Dr Helen Bones.

What is mobile drug testing?

Information about MDT or mobile drug testing

Gambling Help

The NSW Gambling Help website has a wealth of information and sources of help for problem gambling.

Q&A with artist William Yang

One of the artists featured in Under the Sun  shares how he approached the challenge of reimagining Max Dupain's Sunbaker.

Q&A with artist Christopher Day

Christopher Day talks to us about his work which features in our exhibition Under the sun. 

Audubon's Birds of America takes flight

On its first trip outside the Library since it was acquired in 1885, Audubon’s Birds of America is at MONA in Hobart. Our registrars chart the journey of this extraordinary loan.

National Youth Week 2017

Indigenous Services welcomes Lakkari Pitt to the team.

A trip to Australian Museum by our Coral Thomas Fellow, Dr Rebe Taylor

Cross cultural institution research trip to the Australian Museum.

Before the courts on Trove

Search Australian newspapers to find detailed accounts from the Divorce, Bankruptcy and Coroner's courts.

We like big atlases...

Come see the World’s Largest Atlas during the Easter school holidays.