Great Managers of John Fairfax Ltd

Of the hundreds of record series that make up the Fairfax Media Business archive perhaps the most important series are the records of the General Managers of  John Fairfax Ltd.

So what are we doing with the Fairfax Business Archive?

While the Fairfax Media business archive tells the history of an iconic Australian Company the archive itself has its own story.

The Fairfax Media Archive

The State Library of New South Wales has recently acquired what must certainly be the most significant and comprehensive media company archive in Australia. 

How Austen became a household name

The editions that turned Jane Austen from 'little-known' to 'cult status' are now in the Library's collection.

Building your family tree

Building your family tree
Once you have found your ancestors how do you store the information?
Remember ALWAYS write down where you found your information as you never know when you may need to go back to it and recheck.

All about Austen online

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen from anywhere with eresources.

A List of Gentlemen

Interesting lists and registers of NSW people as published in the NSW Government Gazette. 

FAR and wide

Growing up in a small, isolated, rural town without access to a library, gallery or museum and later teaching in a similar environment I have long been conscious of the very real disadvantage faced by children in regional communities. FAR Out! was conceived to address this disadvantage and assist primary teachers introducing a new syllabus for History.

Reclaiming Indigenous languages

Staff from public libraries across NSW joined us online to transcribe Indigenous language lists from the Library's collections. 

My Weekend with Pop resources

To celebrate Indigenous languages in NSW the Library launched the online storybooks 'My Weekend with Pop'

New fact sheet from Tenants NSW

Tenants NSW has produced a new plain language information sheet about the recent transfer of tenancy  for public housing properties.

Introducing the Fairfax Archive Team

The arrangement and description of the Fairfax Media archive is a major undertaking that will take over one year to complete. Meet the core members of the team.

Internship at the State Library

Two weeks as an intern with Learning Services.