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Enjoy a wide range of learning programs and resources which promote engagement, creativity and intellectual growth. Curriculum linked resources for students and teachers available on site, on line and on tour around NSW.

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Get ready for some holiday fun at the State Library.  Join us for creative workshops, take a tour of the magical Mitchell building or watch a free movie on the big screen. Don’t miss out on our exciting holiday programs – there’s something for everyone! 

Lifelong Learners

Discover an exciting range of courses, talks and workshops designed for learners of any age and stage of learning.

Highlights New geography learning activities

Places are similar and different - Glebe and Gulargambone

Schools & Teachers

Students compare climate and other features of the Fish Markets at Glebe and the mill at Gulargambone

People live in places. Important places - Homes

Schools & Teachers

Students explore the places they live in and belong to.

Places are similar and different - Macquarie Island World Heritage Area

Schools & Teachers

Students consider how people’s perceptions of places are the basis for actions to protect places and environments.

Australia's global connections - Papua New Guinea

Schools & Teachers

Students explore countries of the Asia region and the connections Australia has with other countries across the world.