Scott, James, d. 1796

Collection 09: James Scott - Journal titled `Remarks on a passage Botnay [i.e. Botany] bay 1787', 13 May 1787 - 20 May 1792

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James Scott, Sergeant of Marines, travelled to New South Wales on board the Prince of Wales. He was accompanied by his wife Jane who gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth, during the voyage. A son, William Boxell, was born in Sydney. He was baptised on 1 July 1790.
Scott and his family left New South Wales on the Portsmouth, and arrived in England in June 1792. 

Mollie Gillen, The founders of Australia; ADB


June, 1787
Prince of Wales At. Tenareef
Saturday 9th
Got. Our Long Boat in. & Everey thing in
Rediness for Sea —
I Wrought, to My Frend Mooney
& to My Mother in law, in England
By A Brig Bound for London
Sunday 10th The fleet, proseeded to Sea
At. 5 OClock in the Morng.
Prince of Wales at Sea With the Fleet.—
Little or No Wind Remains Rema. Between the
Islands of Tenareef & Grand, Cannarey
Which is About. 15 Leagues a part.

Monday 11th Between the 2 Islands

Tuesday 12th Fare Wind

Wednesy 13 Nothing Ex

Thursday 14 Do. Do.

Friday 15 Crossd the Tropick of Canser About 2 OClock
in the Afternoon the Fleet All in Sight
& the Usual Seremoney Was performd,
With those that had Not Crossd the
Line before,— Which Was Ducking
Lathering With tar Grase &c and Shavd

N.B. the Seamen performd this Seremony
But the Marines Would Not. be
Allowd to Do it & ordr Mr Maxwell
Our 1st Lieut of Marines —

Saturday 16 A Strong N.E. Trade Wind

Sunday 17 Nothg Ex

Munday 18 At. 8 OClock AM the Supply Brig