Digital image prices and delivery details

Digital images of State Library collection items are provided by Imaging Services.


All prices shown below include 10% GST. International orders are exempt from GST.

Products and price Uses Details

General purpose digital files
(approx 1 Mb)

15 working days  $22 each

10 working days  $33

5 working days    $44


  • Email
  • Photographic or inkjet prints (up to A4)
  • Web pages/CD-ROM
  • Onscreen presentations (e.g. PowerPoint)
  • Family history
  • Research/reference
  • Prints via online printing services, minilabs or photographic outlets
  • Mac or PC compatible
  • Colour (RGB) or black and white (greyscale)
  • JPEG file format only
  • Approx 1 Mb file size (colour) B/W files are smaller
  • Compression is used to achieve desired file sizes
  • 300 dpi quality
  • Scaled 25 cm on long side
  • Cropped to relevant image only
  • rulers, tags or colour bars are not shown

High resolution digital files
(20 – 70 Mb file size depending on item)

15 working days  $45 each

10 working days  $67.50

5 working days    $90



  • High quality photographic or inkjet prints
  • Enlargements for framing or exhibition
  • High quality magazine or book publication
  • Fine detail for reproduction or research
  • Delivered via CD or FTP only
  • For custom imaging requirements contact Document Supply Service
  • Mac or PC compatible
  • Colour (RGB) or black and white (greyscale)
  • TIFF or JPEG file formats
  • File size varies depending on client's use and type of material
  • 300 dpi quality
  • Scaling depends on type of material, generally 5000 pixels on long side
  • Full edges of item and scales, colour bars, tags etc are shown in image
  • TIFF files are not compressed


Postage (CD/DVD)

Australia Post
Standard $6.60

Express domestic $9.90
Express international $20

FTP No charge High resolution or general purpose files
Email No charge General purpose JPEG files only
Pick-up (CD/DVD) No charge From Mitchell Reading Room desk

Obtaining photographic prints from digital files

Digital files of images from items in the State Library's collections can be taken to a range of professional and consumer photographic laboratories, minilabs and chemists, where a variety of photographic products can be obtained. A complete listing of photographic processing suppliers, both consumer and professional, can be found in local telephone directories or online.

If you have previously purchased digital files from the Library's collections, the Library Shop can organise production of digital archival prints. Please see the Digital archival prints order form (PDF) or contact the Library Shop.

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