Publishing/reproducing items

Material out of copyright

You do not need to request permission to use images from the collections if they are out of copyright. 

This applies to:

  • published items ( eg. books, newspapers, journals ) and
  • original or unpublished items ( eg. manuscripts. pictures, photographs, oral histories).

It is your responsibility to check the copyright status of material and be aware of current copyright law and applications. The Library will not be responsible for any costs or claims for infringement of copyright in relation to copies of images supplied to you.

Read more information about copyright and reproduction.

If you wish to publish or use an item which is out of copyright then you must comply with the following conditions:

  • To ensure that items being reproduced can be identified, cite the artist/author, title and call number.
  • All material must be credited to the State Library of NSW.
  • Lodge a copy of any publication in which the image appears with the State Library of NSW.

Material that is in copyright

If you wish to publish or use an item from the Library’s published collections you do not need the Library’s permission. 

You will need permission from the publisher or copyright owner. Copyright holders may charge reproduction fees. The State Library of NSW does not hold copyright for published collections.

If you wish to publish or use an item from the Library’s original materials collections you must receive the Library’s permission. In some circumstances, you may also require permission from the rights owner.

You must have permission to publish each time you use an image. The State Library of NSW does not charge fees to publish or use items from its collections.

To request permission you will need to complete a permissions request

You will need to complete a separate request to order images from the collection.

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