Tools: Library building brief

Internal library space with collections and seating
Carnes Hill Library

These templates will help you write your library building brief. 

The library building brief template helps you to outline the requirements of a new, extended or refurbished building.  You can use the brief to inform discussion and further planning with the design team. If you have engaged an architect you can work with them to write the brief.

The brief should be prepared following community consultation and needs analysis.

Templates for library design briefs

There are two library brief templates, one for smaller libraries and one for larger libraries. These are a starting point and you may find that you want to use components of each template to help you outline the needs for your library service and building.  There are sections throughout the templates for you to modify and add your own information. The Room data sheets include suggestions under some sections but many have been left blank for you to add relevant details. 

Small Library brief template

Large Library brief template

For more information see Developing a building brief.

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