Planning: Staffing requirements

Provision must be made for staffing when planning for a new or extended library building.

Office area with desks, computers and chairs
Woollahra Library at Double Bay

Skilled and well-trained staff are key to the successful running of a library service. In addition to qualified librarians, library technicians and assistants, specialist library staff may also be required to meet the service needs identified in the planning process.

If a new library building is being planned, you should determine the required staff numbers and skills mix based on:

  • comparison with similar new library projects in other communities including staffing standards set out in Living Learning Libraries.
  • internal layout, number of floors, workflows and function of the building
  • the potential impact of new working methods such as self-check, mobile technologies, hot desks, project/meeting space and roving reference
  • potential of a joint venture project to increase non-library staff within a building and thereby reduce worker isolation and increase personal safety
  • degree of technology proposed in the building
  • potential increase in popularity of and visitation to the new or refurbished library as well as the programs provided.

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