Planning: Collection plan

Books displayed on a library wall in a grid
Picton Library

An improved library collection, along with a library collection plan, is an important component of a library development project.

The provision of an improved library collection is an important component of a library development project. The service provided by a public library, and the size and quality of the collection available remains critical for users, as is the provision of well-trained staff to ensure that these resources are accessible and useful.

It is essential the library collection is upgraded as part of a new building project. The community will have expectations of something new and different. An expanded collection may be required if you are extending a library or adding a new library to the existing number of service points in the community.

A number of libraries have taken the opportunity to reorganise their collection away from a traditional Dewey based layout to a subject based layout before moving into the new building. A new library is an opportunity to weed and improve a collection. If additional space is created it can be given to more lounge or study areas, or to a more generous display of books. Some libraries have reported an increase in borrowings from better displays, despite a reduced collection.

It is important to remember that the library collection not only includes book in a range of formats, but also may include audiovisual materials, magazines, periodicals, toy libraries and electronic resources.

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