Donating items to the collection

Donations of published and original material to the Mitchell Library help strengthen our historical and research collections. If you wish to offer material or have an enquiry about donations please contact us through our online donations enquiry form.

To be considered for the Mitchell Library collection, material must meet one of the following criteria:

offers of donation

Published material

If you wish to offer published material for donation, please print and sign the Collection Donations Declaration (60KB PDF) and include it with the material.

Materials accompanied with the above form can be given in-person or sent to:

Collection Services, Donations
State Library of New South Wales
Macquarie Street
Sydney 2000

Material that is accepted for the collection will appear in the Catalogue.

Further enquiries, including offers of rare or exceptional published material, can be made using our online donations enquiry form.

We are pleased to accept

We don’t accept (unless published in NSW)

Material not required for the collection may be discarded or passed on to another library. The Library does not acknowledge all donations although your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Original materials

If you wish to offer pictures, photographs, maps and manuscripts for donation please contact us through our online donations enquiry form.

Items that are accepted for the collection will be recorded in the Manuscripts, oral history & pictures catalogue.  

we are pleased to accept 

We don’t accept

Thank you for considering the collections of the State Library of New South Wales.

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