Preservation and storage

The Collection Preservation and Storage Branch preserves and maintains the Library’s collection of over 5 million items. This includes books, manuscripts, prints, drawings, watercolours, photographs, architectural plans and maps, as well as artefacts, realia and paintings.

We also manage the storage of over 110 linear kilometres of growing collection material at our onsite and offsite stores.

Caring for your materials

Our fact sheets provide information about caring for particular materials.

Fact sheets
Caring for paper-based materials
Dealing with mould
Drying a wet book
Removal of smoke odour
Storage of newspapers
Preservation and conservation-related suppliers
Preservation-related websites

Further information

The Collection Care Branch can help you with information about preserving, storing and protecting your collections. Send your questions using the online form.

If you are looking to have conservation work performed on your own collections we recommend that you contact the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials.

Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials is a national organisation for conservators and people interested in the preservation of cultural material. Its website provides an online directory of conservators in private practice and guidelines for commissioning conservation treatment.

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