Drugs and the law

Information about the law in New South Wales relating to drugs. 

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Drug laws in NSW

In NSW, it is an offence to possess, use, produce or supply a drug which has been declared prohibited.

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Possession, use and supply

Some of the most common drug offences are for possession, use and supply of prohibited drugs.

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Manufacturing drugs

It is an offence to manufacture, or to take part in the manufacture of, a prohibited drug.

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Importing and exporting drugs

It is an offence to import, or try to import, prohibited drugs.

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Drug use equipment

It is an offence to possess equipment with the intention of using it to consume drugs. 

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Prohibited plants

The cultivation or possession of prohibited plants, such as cannabis, is an offence.

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Police powers

Police can legally give a ‘reasonable direction’ to a person in a public place who they believe on reasonable grounds is supplying, or soliciting supply of, or purchasing prohibited drugs.

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Alcohol, drugs and driving in NSW

It is against the law to drive under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drug.

A Quick Guide to Drugs & Alcohol

What are drugs and what are the effects on the people who use them?

This easy-to-read book is intended for anyone who is interested in finding information about drugs and alcohol.

Topics explored include drugs and driving, pregnancy, treatment, statistics, drugs and the law, where to go for help and further information.

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