Drug and alcohol information for families

Learn about drug and alcohol issues affecting families and where to go for help.

Information for parents and carers

Having quality information is an important tool in understanding drug use, starting conversations and supporting family members who are facing issues with alcohol and drug use.

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  • A to Z of drugs - information about a range of different drugs, including the effects on people who use them, drugs in relation to the law and treatment options. 
  • Quick guide to drugs and alcohol - a reference book containing information on a range of  different legal and illegal drugs. This book can be read online or downloaded as PDF chapters.
  • Alcohol, pregnancy and breastfeeding - information about alcohol use and pregnancy, breastfeeding and the health of babies.

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Talking about it

Talking about alcohol and other drugs with a child or family member can be difficult. Be prepared for the conversation with these helpful tips and resources.

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Finding help and support

If you are concerned about your child or another family member’s alcohol or drug use, and would like more information or support, there are a range of services that can help.

Getting help