My Weekend with Pop

My Weekend with Pop is an online storybook written and spoken in five Aboriginal languages from across NSW. 

The latest in a range of State Library projects that aim to support the revitalisation of Indigenous languages, My Weekend with Pop provides an opportunity for students and the wider public to listen to, and celebrate the diversity of Aboriginal languages.

My Weekend with Pop currently unavailable

We are working on making it available and apologise for any inconvenience. 

My Weekend with Pop

Pop and Me

Story told in Dharawal

Ray Ingrey shares a story in the Dharawal language, from coastal Sydney, NSW. 

Pop's place

Story told in Wiradjuri

Diane McNaboe shares a story in the Wiradjuri language, from central NSW.


Story told in Gamilaraay

Rhonda Ashby and Creed Gordon share a story in the Gamilaraay language from the far north west of NSW.


Story told in Paakantyi

Andrew Sloane and William Mitchell share a story in the Paakantyi language from far west NSW.

Under the Stars

Story told in Gumbaynggirr

Michael (Micklo) Jarrett shares a story in the Gumbaynggirr language, from the north coast of NSW. 

About the project

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Producing 'My weekend with Pop'

We invited five communities across NSW to record their version of a story in their language.

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Our partners

People and organisations that made 'My Weekend with Pop' possible.