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Q&A with ‘Gather’ artist Jake Duczynski

Jake's work explores Aboriginal culture through animation and storytelling, and he is interested in how technology can assist in cultural collaborations, preserving culture and visualising worlds.

Building the face of our new catalogue

Developing our ‘front-end’ interface — why we built it the way we did, the basic tools we used, and some of the challenges we faced.

Reading Proust until lunchtime

Ben’s summer was spent reading his way through three volumes of Proust – in French! Find out what keeps him coming back to the Library. 

Photographs from the 1965 Freedom Ride

Photographs from the Tribune (Communist Paryt of Australia) by Noel Hazard documenting the historic 1965 Freedom Ride through regional NSW.

Welcome to our 2020 Fellows

Each year, Library Fellows help uncover new stories and offer fresh insight into our extensive collection of original and published materials.

Drug and alcohol issues for older people

Why are older people more at risk from alcohol? What are the dangers of mixing alcohol and medications? Can regular use of non-prescription medicines harm your health? What is mobile drug testing?

Latest Law Handbook edition now available

Over 270 copies of The Law Handbook are on their way to public libraries and prison libraries across the state.

The Atlantic and Pacific cruise of SMS Bismarck, 1879–80

The Library recently acquired a fascinating album of 99 photographs taken on the maiden cruise of SMS Bismarck from 1879–80.

NSW public library portable local studies project update

This public libraries project is progressing well.

Welcome to the 2020 school year!

There is so much to look forward to in 2020 with the State Library of NSW.

Back to school - PDHPE

We've updated our Drug and Alcohol Information for PDHPE research guide for the new PDHPE syllabus.

Updated resources for PDHPE students and teachers

Updated Drug and Alcohol Information for PDHPE research guide now available.

Koori Mail cartoons on display

See original drawings by Australia’s best-known Aboriginal cartoonist Danny Eastwood.

Bushfire ephemera collecting drive

The Library is collecting posters, flyers and mail-outs created in response to the bushfires in NSW.

The Salt Path

Have you ever just started walking to see what you'd find? One of our librarians reflects on his own journeys while exploring Raynor Winn's inspiring book.

Bushfire Fundraising Auction

Enjoy an exquisite 5-course dinner for 4 in the stunning Shakespeare Room.