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Self-portrait: Debra Dank

Award-winning author Debra Dank writes about our need for Aboriginal stories.

Take 5 stargazers

Shining a light on five celestial favourites from the collection. 

Surf shooters catching a wave

A recently acquired vintage photograph by an influential early-twentieth-century photographer shows one of the first depictions of bodysurfing.

Self-portrait: George Haddad

George Haddad writes about the anarchist within. 

Take 5 swimming suits

Shining a spotlight on five of our favourite swimming suits from the collection.

2023 Fellows announced

Learn more about the research projects they are working on.

Self-portrait: Fiona Murphy

Author Fiona Murphy writes about coming out as Deaf for the Library's Openbook magazine.

Knocking it out of the park

A photo essay on the Koori Knockout by leading First Nations photographer Barbara McGrady.

Inventing the future

A recently acquired set of prints shows what state-of-the-art technology looked like in Medici Florence.

Take 5 wattle

In celebration of spring, here are five of our favourite wattle images from the collection.

A month in the library

Anna Glynn reveals what she did while she was the Library’s artist in residence.

Journal of the Apophthegm Society

The journal of an obscure society devoted to pithy sayings takes a roundabout route to the Library.


A new project brings out-of-print books back to life.

Dye hard

The Tintex Girl brightened a world dulled by rationing.

Enhancing the Reading Room

Generations of students and scholars have entered the grand hushed interior — now known as the Mitchell Library Reading Room — with a sense of awe.

Q&A with photographer Matthew Abbott

We managed to ask Matthew Abbott a few questions as he sat on a train travelling to Amsterdam to attend the grand opening of the World Press Photo Exhibition.