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The Flame

The Olympic torch relay, and its climactic cauldron-lighting, is inextricably woven into the lore of The Games.

130 years of the Kelmscott Press

William Morris (1834–1896) — British artist, designer, craftsman, writer and socialist — established the Kelmscott Press at Hammersmith, London, in January 1891.

Self-portrait: Laura McPhee-Browne

A debut novelist observes a common peril.

World Press Photo 21

See on online gallery of some of powerful and evocative images that are part of the World Press Photo Exhibition 2021 exhibition.

It’s a zap!

‘Looking back on those early days of gay lib in the 70s,’ Terry Batterham comments as he takes a second stroll through the Library’s Coming out in the 70s exhibition, ‘I sometimes wonder where we got the energy from.’

Q&A with Vashti Hughes

Underground theatre and cabaret performer Vashti Hughes talks about her one-woman show Dictionary by a Bitch: The Journals of Bee Miles.

Top reads through space and time

To celebrate Library and Information Week, our librarians have selected their favourite adventures in time and space from the Library’s deep collections.

Top reads through space and time for kids

To inspire kids on their own journeys to infinity and beyond in Library and Information Week, our librarians and educators have selected some of their favourite books.

Model maker

Peter urgently needed plans for a timber model he was working on. But it was May 2020, and the Library was closed.

Ever yours with love, Charlie

Charlie Pike wrote some 160 letters to Violet, his sweetheart, which have been recently donated to the Library.

In favour of bad art

Jess Scully, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, shares her thoughts on 'bad art'. 

Libraries on the move

Getting to the local library isn’t always easy for Australians living in regional and remote communities, when the nearest branch may be hours away. But with mobile libraries there to bridge the gap it makes life a little easier.

Q&A with Dennis Altman

The gay rights activist and academic visited the Library’s exhibition Coming Out in the 70s.

The divine Dante

The great Italian poet Dante Alighieri died in Ravenna, in northern Italy, in 1321. Seven hundred years later, the literary world is commemorating the life of a writer who is considered the father of the Italian language.

Self-portrait: Anchuli Felicia King

A stage and screen writer considers what freedom means now.

Speaking his mind

A lifelong activist’s early diaries and photographs are a compelling record of grassroots activism in Sydney in the 1970s.