Excerpt from Volume 1: Joseph Banks - Endeavour journal, 25 August 1768 - 14 August 1769

Sir Joseph Banks Papers, 1767-1822

The Library's Sir Joseph Banks papers document the early scientific and geographic explorations and political landscape of the fledgling colony of New South Wales.

The project has been made possible by sponsorship from The McLean Foundation, Dr Timothy Pascoe AM and Mrs Eva Pascoe and The Key Foundation.

Sir Joseph Banks Papers

When Sir Joseph Banks died in 1820, he left behind a well organised archive which spanned from 1767 to 1822 and documented his influential career. It was the most comprehensive archive of its kind in Britain, perhaps the world.

Background to the Sir Joseph Banks Papers

Provenance, context and arrangement of the collection.

Handwritten letters on two pages yellowed manuscript

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The Library has transcribed the personal papers of Sir joseph Banks through the generous work of volunteers. Begin searching this collection on the Transcription website.

Who was Sir Joseph Banks?

From the establishment of the Colony of NSW,  Banks was consulted by anyone wanting to travel to New South Wales in almost any capacity.

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Explore the the journal kept by Joseph Banks on board HMS Endeavour.

Sir Joseph Banks Website Project

The Banks project aims are to enhance discovery and access to the collection and promote the research potential in this significant archive.

Other Joseph Banks collections around the world

After his death in 1820, Banks' papers were dispersed to various repositories around the world.