Ordering copies of collection items from the Library

Find out how to order copies of collection items, including articles, images, prints and recordings.

What you can order

You can order copies of the following items from the Library's collections:

  • articles from magazines and journals
  • chapters from rare books
  • manuscripts
  • images, such as paintings, photographs and maps
  • fine art prints
  • sound recordings
  • video recordings.

Before you order

First, search the Library catalogue.

You can download images (including high-resolution images) of many collection items free of charge. (You’ll need to check the usage restrictions.

If the item is not available to download, or you need a higher-quality copy for professional or other purposes, you can order a copy using one of the following methods.

How to order copies

There are different ways to order copies of collection items, depending on what they are.

Copies for research and study

This includes copies of chapters from rare books, magazine articles, journal pages and manuscripts.

  1. Read about copies of Library material for research and study.
  2. Submit a copy order form.

Digital images

This includes digital copies of paintings, drawings, illustrations, photographs and maps.

  1. Read about ordering digital images.
  2. Submit a digital images order form.

Fine art prints 

These are high-quality digital prints on archival paper, suitable for framing and hanging.

  1. Read about ordering fine art prints.
  2. Order prints online from the Library Print Shop, or email, call or visit the Library Shop.

Sound and video recordings

These include digital copies of audiotapes, videotapes, motion picture films, DVD videos, CDs, gramophone discs and born digital audio and video.

  1. Read about ordering copies of sound and video recordings.
  2. Submit a sound and video recordings order form.