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Anecdotes concerning Sunday schools in Parramatta... by Thomas Hassall

the Saviours dying words “Father forgive them” etc. The subject was interesting & the teachers heart appeared to be warmed with holy fervour. They stood just without the church, where the little ones had assembled to sing their Redeemers praise. Their little tender voices appeared sweet & heavenly; and the sound vibrating through the air seem’d to Swell’d & sink and swell again Dead on the walls, but live to God – Close by, stood the bell Post Post, and from the top thereof, many had been summons’d to the light and labours of another day- Summons’d to the House of God, yea I would hope to the very gate of heaven – Here too, the awful knell of dying & funeral solemnities had oft saluted the ear – the pale moon surrounded by thousands of resplendant stars shone as the Queen of night while the lengthened shaddow proclaimed about in majestic silence, the uncertainty of all sublunary happiness. These things seem’d to fix the attention and solemnize the mind – All present appeared to feel the Saviours love and forgiving forever but how was this heightened when the elder boy again came forward burst into a fresh flood of tears stretched forth his hand asked his school fellows pardon pardon & forgiveness, while the younger lad melted with the scene readily begged forgiveness in his turn and the third joined in shaking hands and begging that they might be firmer friends for the time to come. There