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Anecdotes concerning Sunday schools in Parramatta... by Thomas Hassall

were two other teachers present who could not but feel sensibly on the occasion – We joined our hands with them, and while our cheeks were wet with tears, we could not but hope that by and by we might all receive pardon from our offended maker, and be received up into Glory through our forgiving Saviour – Surely if the Angel’s rejoice over one sinner that repenteth they did rejoice to see the our flinty hearts thus softened at the Saviours name. A short time after the this above we heard many pleasing accounts from England of the usefulness of Sunday Schools and of the blessings derived by many children instructed therein. The Teacher in giving an address was led to enquire whether the children could not make themselves useful in Parramatta also. Not long after we heard that two of the Girls had began a little evening School for Girls that could not read and that one of the Boys had been searching for a place where he could assemble with a few more of an evening for the purpose of prayer & reading the scriptures – a place was found. The children put their pence together to buy candles light & when they first met there were 16 or 17 present. The boy that formerly permitted anger & malice to to rage lurk in his brow now opened this little meeting with praise & prayers. for On the day following he was reviled called a Methodist or [indecipherable] Parson & other names as terms of reproach – this came to one of the teachers ears who on the Sabbath following chose an appropriate hymn and addressed them upon

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