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Blaxland Family - Papers, 1837-1923 1837 - 1923

By Blaxland family
Newington, 22nd May, 1837 My dear Anna, When I closed my last letter to you, I thought to have written again immediately, but in these busy times a month passes like a few days & I am astonished to think I have not yet fulfilled my promise of giving an account of the wedding, which did not take place 'till the 2nd of this month - it certainly was the gayest I ever attended and we kept it up for two days in good old style according to Mr Dowling's wish - We behaved most admirably on the occasion from the beginning to the end of the two days! and Harriotte bore the fatigue and anxiety of the whole affair with astonishing spirit and fortitude - the Breakfast she provided was handsome and well served - the Dinner good, and the Evening party very pleasant, now this, added to marrying a Daughter, was really much business for one day. The number at breakfast was 26, the only persons besides members of the Family were the Bishop, Mr Cartwright (his clergyman) and Mr & Mrs Townshend, Mr Boydell's most particular Friends, and the only persons he invited - nearly the same party assembled at dinner - in the Evening we had many

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1837 - 1923