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Catalogue preview: roadmap

We have released a preview of our new catalogue so that we can gather feedback about new or improved features early in our development cycle. We are committed to ensuring our new catalogue meets the needs and interests of our readers and releasing features for testing is an important part of this ongoing process.  

What features are already available for testing?

As well as a fresh look and feel to support a simpler and more enjoyable experience, we have also already released a range of new features that are ready for your testing and feedback. Some of these include: 

  • Improved search results listings, including “quick view” function in results with embedded viewers for digitally available images 
  • Improved image viewer with faster load times and higher resolution images 
  • Custom built book viewer with full-text search 
  • New Digital Collections platform that allows readers to browse thousands of digital images using computer-generated keyword tags 
  • Better representation of content relationships including a collection hierarchies viewer 

What features are still to be released?

Next major release
  • More records, including more digital files such as images and audio  
  • Improvements to data model and data accuracy
  • Pre-search filters 
  • Advanced search options 
  • Full-text indexing of transcripts and published works 
  • Downloads (such as images, media files, transcripts, books) 
  • Improvements to copyright information 
  • Citation information 
  • Social sharing
Coming soon
  • Permalinks 
  • Personalisation, such as signing in, browsing history, requesting, saved lists 
  • Audio viewer with transcript 
  • Map viewer with geolocational functionality 
  • Integration with the Library’s online shop including ordering prints  
  • Printing functionality 
  • Export options 
Future releases
  • Data archive viewer 
  • 3D object viewer 
  • Voice-to-text search 
  • Multilingual functionality 
  • Community generated tags on Digital Collections for images and files