Catalogue preview: roadmap

We have released a preview of our new catalogue so that we can gather feedback about new or improved features early in our development cycle. We are committed to ensuring our new catalogue meets the needs and interests of our readers and releasing features for testing is an important part of this ongoing process.  

What features are already available for testing?

As well lots of behind-the-scenes development and data work, we are also continuously releasing new features on our new catalogue ready for your testing and feedback. Some of the most recent releases include: 

  • Ingestion of more than 4 million files accessible to the public
  • Custom built audio player including transcripts search
  • Advanced search
  • Access to subscription databases
  • Library card log in, item requesting, saved search functionality
  • Improved image viewer based on your feedback
  • New permalinks structure
  • Image downloads and social sharing
  • PDF and ePUB download options
  • Custom PDF viewer
  • Improvements to collection data display
  • Introduction of search pre-filters
  • Improved Digital Collections homepage layout based on your feedback
  • Custom built book viewer with full-text search 
  • Improvements to basic search functionality (with more still to come)

What features are still to be released?

Next major release
  • Ongoing data improvements and file ingestion
  • Ongoing improvements to search functionality and data indexing
  • Additional personalisation features, such as being able favourite records and save lists
Future releases
  • Ingestion of more audio collections and time-coded transcript files
  • Access to new Library API
  • Printing functionality 
  • Citation information
  • Integration with the Library’s online shop including ordering prints  
  • Improved access to machine-generated keyword tags
  • Map viewer with geolocational functionality
  • Improvements to copyright information 
  • Data archive viewer 
  • 3D object viewer 
  • Multilingual functionality 
  • Community generated tags on Digital Collections for images and files 
  • Curated 'theme' pages to browse digital collections
  • Related and recommended items
  • Chat to a Librarian functionality