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Charles Boydell - journal, 1830-1835 1830 - 1835

By Charles Boydell
p.1 March the first eighteen hundred & thirty I Boydell, having just entered upon my twenty second year & wishing to turn discrete, regular and steady have commenced a journal thinking that nothing can be more conducive to improvement than introspection [XXXX] thus [XXXX] commenced settling on my own farm with an establishment consisting of one free man & wife, two free fencers and seven assigned servants: 1st From the thee last days rain the streams so swollen that there was no [passing] however, this morning found a tree that reached across and went in search of a [horse] I had lost some time ago (found not). In the evening Budding and Townshend. I put in about 200 tobacco plants. 2nd Over to my farm in company with black fellows who were going to [XXXXXX] There were 3 boys each of whom had a stick about 2 ft long to fling at the Paddy Melons as they as they passed them. 3 men had spears in case of meeting with game, two or three go in the bush hullooing with all their might to drive the poor animals [and] the others remain outside ready for them. They killed one poor paddy melon which they [cooked] immediately and devoured with great delight. My [PL] Beam broke yesterday it was however all right again & turning over the ground beautifully. Burning off chiefly, ground very wet. 3rd Most exceedingly heavy rain which lasted for a short time Crops ploughing & splitting for remaining part of stockyard. 4th Nothing particular until… 8th Started my dray off for Wallis Plains and went [XXXX] river just low enough to get over. Dined with [Webber] and slept at Captain Allman's where I met Messrs Ogilvie & Cunningham. 9th Having breakfasted started____________ for the arrival of [XXXX] much _________ slept at [Mr Woods] met with Capt Rushden

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1830 - 1835