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Collection 04: John Easty - Journal, 1786-1793. Titled `Pt Jno Easty A Memorandum of the Transa[ ] of a Voiage [sic] from England to Botany Bay in The Scarborough transport Captn Marshall Commander kept by me your humble Servan[ ] John Easty marine wich [ November 1786 - May 1793

By Easty, John

Little is known of John Easty, private marine on the Scarborough. Neither his birth nor death dates are known. He returned to England in December 1792, on the Atlantic, the same ship that conveyed Arthur Phillip home. In September 1794 he was employed by a London grocer and spent some years petitioning the Admiralty for compensation promised for short rations in New South Wales. 

Mollie Gillen, The founders of Australia; ADB)

Munday March the 10th 1788 this day Jno Easty Jno Calaytan
tryed by a court Martiall

Thuraday Wedensday March the 12th 1788
this day Peter Dargan tryed
for a breach of Trust this night att 5 oclock Easty & Cayton
recieved 150 Lachess Each & Dargan 100

M Tuesday March the 18th 1788
This day Jophef Hunt a marine Tryed by a court Martiall for
Strikeing another marine the Court Satt 4 times when Major
Ross would not Except of the Courtmartiall upon wich the
Court Confined them Selfs Captn Lt Tench lst Lt Kellow 1st Lt
Poulden 1st Lt Davey 1st Lt Timmins and Said that thay would
go home to England

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Published date:
November 1786 - May 1793