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Collection 04: John Easty - Journal, 1786-1793. Titled `Pt Jno Easty A Memorandum of the Transa[ ] of a Voiage [sic] from England to Botany Bay in The Scarborough transport Captn Marshall Commander kept by me your humble Servan[ ] John Easty marine wich [ November 1786 - May 1793

By Easty, John

Little is known of John Easty, private marine on the Scarborough. Neither his birth nor death dates are known. He returned to England in December 1792, on the Atlantic, the same ship that conveyed Arthur Phillip home. In September 1794 he was employed by a London grocer and spent some years petitioning the Admiralty for compensation promised for short rations in New South Wales. 

Mollie Gillen, The founders of Australia; ADB)

Friday Feberary the 19th 1790
this Day Major Ross was orderd to hold him Self in readynes to
Embark on bord his M:S Sirous and Supply with 2 Companys
on the 5th of March Next for Norfolk Hand

Munday Febriary the 22d 1790
this Day Thos Brimage Privt in the
53d and Jn° Easty Signed and
Sealed thiaer Last Wills and testaments to each other
 Febry 24 dePartd this
Life Wm Edmonston

Wedensday March the 3d 1790
this Day Major Ross with Captn Lieut G Jonstone first Lieuts
Kellow J Jonston and Clarke and 2d Lieut faddy and Ross with
3 Serjts 4 Corpls 3 Drums and 46 Privts Embarked on bord the
Sirous and Supply to Join first Lieu1 Creswel and 1 Serjt and 14
Privt now Doing Duty att Norfolk

Sattaday March the 6th
 this Day the Sirows and Supply Sailed for Norfolk Hand

Published date:
November 1786 - May 1793