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Collection 04: John Easty - Journal, 1786-1793. Titled `Pt Jno Easty A Memorandum of the Transa[ ] of a Voiage [sic] from England to Botany Bay in The Scarborough transport Captn Marshall Commander kept by me your humble Servan[ ] John Easty marine wich [ November 1786 - May 1793

By Easty, John

Little is known of John Easty, private marine on the Scarborough. Neither his birth nor death dates are known. He returned to England in December 1792, on the Atlantic, the same ship that conveyed Arthur Phillip home. In September 1794 he was employed by a London grocer and spent some years petitioning the Admiralty for compensation promised for short rations in New South Wales. 

Mollie Gillen, The founders of Australia; ADB)

nd on Sunday the 27 att day Light She waid anchor and ran
down the harbour She was again Cheard by the marines which
was returnd by the Ships Company and thar was two partys of
men Saparated which had Spent 4 years together in the
greatest Love and frindship as Ever men did in Such a distant
part of the globe . . . Both by officeers and men She was than
accompanyed down the harbour by the Governer and all the
Marine officers which when thay parted She Saluted them
with 9 Guns which was the Last Honour as Could be Confirrd
on them and on Mundaay att 6 in
the Morning She went to Sea and
may god Send them a good voige I Pray
on the munday night of the 28 8 men with
1 woman and 2 Chrildren Convicts toke a kings boat of 6 oars
with a large quantity of Provisions which thay had got from

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Published date:
November 1786 - May 1793