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Collection 06 vol. 1: Philip Gidley King - Private journal, in two volumes, 1786-1792. Vol. 1 titled: `Remarks & Journal kept on the Expedition to form a Colony in His Majestys Territory of New South Wales ...is Majesty's Ship Sirius ...', 24 October 1786

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His Majestys Ship Sirius of 20 Guns 612 Tons & 160 Men for which Ship I received my Commission as second Lieutenant, was commissioned ye 24th of October 1786 & ordered to be fitted out with the greatest despatch, as it was presumed that she would proceed on ye Service for which she was destined, early in December, Captain Arthur Phillip was appointed to the chief command of her as 1st Captain & Capt Jn° Hunter was promoted from Master & Commander to ye Rank of Post Captain, by an order of His Majesty in Council & acted as second Captain. The first Captain who has likewise a Commission under ye Great Seal of Great Britain as Captain General & Governor of His Majesties Territory of New South Wales; (extending from ye 44th degree of South Lattitude to the 10 Degree of South Lattitude & from ye 135° of East Longitude to Ed. The Islands thereon dependant), he is supposed at all times to command ye Ship & when he thinks it expedient for the publick service is at llberty to embark onboard her. The other officers & names are expressed in the beg

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