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Collection 08: Jacob Nagle - memoir. Titled `Jacob Nagle his Book A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine May 19th. Canton. Stark County Ohio', 1775-1802, compiled 1829

The Brittish Artillery Advanced in the plowed field it being upon a decent down to the Brandewine. The Canonading begun on both & Continued a heavy fire till about Eight or nine as near as I can Recollect, but we Could Purceive the Brittish Artilery would leave there guns Two or three Yards when he saw the flash of our guns then proceed when the shot struck We then Ceased firing for about an hour the Artilery ware ordered sum Liquor & he mixed it with water & Powder.
The Adjutant desired to Rest a little & told me to come under a waggon that had shells for a 13 1/2 [?] commanded by Capn Courtney Paterson which was split about 10 oClock & Sent away Unserviseable Hofner & Myself was laying under the waggon when the Enemy Sent a Shot & Caried a way One of the wheels I hollowed out to hofner, hofner the waggon will be on you & I jumped from under he Replied lay still You Young Pashel, the waggon Remained firm, but I shifted my Quarters, the time now Expired & the Action Began in general upon all Quarters. About 10 or 11 o'clock Genl Washington Came riding up to Coln Procter with his life Guards with him & Enquired how he came on

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