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Collection 09: James Scott - Journal titled `Remarks on a passage Botnay [i.e. Botany] bay 1787', 13 May 1787 - 20 May 1792

I Ordd My Rum to be Stopd
Saturday May the 19th 1787 at 3 Gills - day
Serjt Hume's Wifes Stoptd Sunday 20th May
& his Stoptd Sunday 27th May 87
by his Owne Order—
54Co Mich Redmans Wifes Grog Was Ordtd
to be Stopt by L.ieut Maxwell

Monday,Tuesday — May 21st 1787 —
Which Was Complyd With the 22d May, 87.
ordd to have her Grog 23rd June 1787
It was After the Centinals Was Relevd for Eight OClock
That M' Maxwell Ordrd Mich Redman a
Centinal to take his great Coat off
Which Redman Repld he Was Sentry

[Page torn]

Board the Princ of Wales .. .
.. Flee ... ay & proceedd ... Sea through ... els.—
Wind Modrate But ... are

Monday 14th
The Hyena Frigate Towed the Charllotte
Transport into the Fleet. As She Was
A Great Way a Stern
All the Fleet in Sight With, little
Wind. But fare Down Channel

Tuesday 15th
Seen the Ediston Light House Distance 3 Leaugs

Wednessday 16th
at P,M, it began to blow fresh as Wee Cleard
the Channel. & Contineud till Next Morning;

Thursday 17th
Moderate Weather; Wind foul;—
My Wife Was Sea Sick from the 14th to the 17th at. AM;
A Great Number of the Woman,
on Board being Sea Sick —

Friday 18th
At P.M. it began to blow fresh from the Southward

Saturday 19th
Wind Contineud fresh, With Rain; ye Fleet. All in sight.—

Sunday 20th
Fare Weather With a fresh Brees At. West
Same day at P.M. the Hyena Friget parted
the fleet & Returnd to England, & Our Capt
Was Ordrd to Send One Mrs Holt, a Midshipman
Wife Belonging to the Sirus On Board the
Hyena for a pasage to England —
The Commadore Ordd 2 Male Convicts from the
Scarbr,o Transpt on Bd the Prince of Wales
As the was, the Ring leaders of a bought Number
that intended to Rise & take the Ship —

Monday 21st
Fare Weather

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