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Collection 09: James Scott - Journal titled `Remarks on a passage Botnay [i.e. Botany] bay 1787', 13 May 1787 - 20 May 1792

[page torn]

... to B ...
... d from the (Mo ... in

Sirius Commadore Phillips
Supply Tender Lieut Ball

Charlotte Transport, With Male & Fem Conv. ts
Scarborough Do. With. Male Do.
Frendship.— Do. With Male & Fem1 Do.
Prince of Wales Do. with 2 Male & 50 Feme 2 Childn
Alexander Do. With Male Do.
Lady Penarin Do. With Female Do.
Fishburn Agent } Victrs
Goulden Grove } With Stores ImpleMrs
Borrowdale } provision &c &c

Tuesday 22d
Nothing Extrordry — All the fleet. in Sight

Wednsd 23d Do. Do.

Thursdy 24th Do. Do.

Friday 25th Fresh breeses But. fare Do.

Saturday 26 Fare Wind Do.

Sunday 27 Do. Do.

Monday 28th Do.being in Latud 36°8’ N Do.

Tuesday 29th
the having No Observation on Bd Ps of Wales
The Commadore Ordrd the Supply to Go. a
Head to Luck out for Land, As Wee Ware
About, the Latud of Medara — Wind Fare

Wednessy 30th
Seen the Island of Madera at. 6 A.M

Thursday 31st
Seen the Island of Gomera Bearing
S.W. 7 or 8 Leauges, Dis,— little Wind
Gomera, Is leys in
North Latd 28°5' Lon. 17°8' SuBd to Spain —

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