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Letter from Lachlan Macquarie to Samuel Marsden, 8 January 1818

by Samuel Marsden
Sydney 8. Jan.y 1818 Thursday Noon Mr Marsden! To prevent the possibility of any misrepresentation, I have thought it necessary to have those three Gentlemen present at this interview, in order that they may hear and bear witness, eventually, of what I am now about to say to you. 1st. I have long known, Mr Marsden, that you are a secret Enemy of mine and as long as you continue only a secret one, I despised too much your malicious attempts to injure my character to take any notice of your treacherous conduct; but now that you have thrown off the mask, and have openly and Publickly manifested your hostile and factious disposition towards me, I can no longer consistently with what I owe to my own high station, and the tranquility of the Country I have the honor to Govern, pass over unnoticed, a recent most daring act of insolence and insubordination, of which you have been guilty.