Pitt Street, Sydney1864-80

by unknown artist

This painting shows lower Pitt Street, Sydney, at the corner of Spring Street, looking towards Circular Quay. The Bible Hall building is in the foreground. The colonnaded Australian Mutual Provident Society building, constructed in 1864, is next door, to the left.

The painting includes a great deal of detail — ship masts and warehouses can be seen at the Quay; on the building curtains flutter out of windows and statuary is silhouetted against the skyline; and on the street a dog sits at each lamppost.

In a 1923 catalogue, this painting was said to be by Barsen Gebaude, however that is more likely to be its title. In German, Börsengebäude means ‘stock exchange‘, which was on the distant corner of this Pitt Street block.