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Ralph Clark - Journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island; and on the Gorgon returning to England, 9 March 1787 - 31 December 1787, 1 January 1788 - 10 March 1788, 15 February 1790 - 2 January 1791, 25 January 1791 - 171787-1788, 1790-1792

by Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark, 2nd Lieutenant of Marines (promoted First Lieutenant in February 1789 in New South Wales), had undertaken the voyage to New South Wales in the hope of gaining promotion.

Clark was attached to the Friendship, one of the convict transports for female prisoners. His journal covers the voyage out and first weeks in Australia, from 13 May 1787 till 10 March 1788. Then there is a gap until 15 February 1790, just before he leaves for Norfolk Island on board the Sirius, until 19 November 1791, then 6 January until 17 June 1792, the homeward voyage on the Gorgon. 

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