Sydney from Bennelongs Point. New South Wales1818

by Joseph Lycett

For notes on the Library's copies of these engravings see ML MSS Aw 112
It is not possible to conclusively determine the artist of the views. Although Wallis claims to have made the original drawings in the imprint of many of the engravings, the six large plates (PXD 373/1-7) bear strong simialarities to the style of Joseph Lycett who is known to have worked for Wallis while they were both at Newcastle. The six small plates are less stylistically distinctive, and in inscriptions on the reverse of PXD 373/10 & 19 Wallis is said to be the artist of the original drawings. It is possible that Lycett was responsible for the six large plates and Wallis the six small. For references to the attribution question see Lycett and Wallis entries in Joan Kerr, Dictionary of Australian artists 1770-1870, 1992 : REF 1/Q709.94/87 Mitchell Library