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Diary of Frank Hurley 30–31 October 1915

By Frank Hurley


30 Sat October
– Morning snowing Finished preparations for starting. Made Blubber cooker from spirit drum. Visited ship during the morning & entered again the looking bearing away in triumph 3 tooth brush & a couple half used tubes of Kolynos. A creaking of splintered timbers caused me to beat a hasty retreat. The whole party started out during the early afternoon, 28 men, a party of 3 leading as scouts & path cutters – 7 dog teams (50 dogs). Balance of party relaying on the two boats.

31 Sun –
22 aft Trinity 2 hrs 1 mile covered. Rowing all day & surface knee deep in soft snow, Hudson & I with my team return to last nights camp for sundries. At my suggestion we have altered our sledging routine & dispense with party relaying on boats & the party are proceeded by a pioneering party of five, then follows 5 sledges drawn by dogs, each laden with about 800lbs – Wilds team coupled together with mine draws one of the boats, succeeded by 14 men on another boat. As there are ten sledges. The five teams return for an additional relay. The Coupled team (15 dogs) dragged the boat more effectively than an equal number of men.

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Published date:
30–31 October 1915