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Diary by a servant of the Scott family, 8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824 (written after 1825), with notes, 1832 / attributed to John Brown 8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824, 1832

By John Brown
Run of Water, after we had our suppers Ben Davis amused us with the Native Dances and several songs. In the morning we set of early and reached Patrick Plains by four OClock in the afternoon and encamped by the side of the River, and went fishing and caught several fine fish which we eat for supper and spent a very comfortable evening, the next day Mr Scott and Ben Davis went across the Plains Ashooting and left me to take care of the Tent and get dinner ready after they had been gone about an hour several Blacks made their appearance out of the Woods and when I first see them they were standing peeping among the trees and seemed afraid to come near me and I was half afraid myself, but I thought I had best not to let them know I was afraid of them and I made signs for them to come to me and held up a fish to them and they came up to the fire and set down but never said a word but kept their
Published date:
8 Aug. 1821-Mar. 1824, 1832