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Extract from journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island…, 26 January 1788, Manuscript, page 1

By Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark - Journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island; and on the Gorgon returning to England, 9 March 1787 - 31 December 1787, 1 January 1788 - 10 March 1788, 15 February 1790 - 2 January 1791, 25 January 1791 - 17 June 1792.

(26-27 January 1788)

against use - the Prince of Wales and us got foul of each other they carried away our Jibb Boom but what dammadge we did her I cannot Say as I did not lick it I was affraid that we would both have being driven on Shore as the blow fresh - Soon after the Charlotte ran foul of use and Shooke use very much - I was more frightend than I was When the prince of Wales was foul of use - if it had not being by the greatest good luck we Should have been both on Shore on the rocks and the Ships must must have been all lost and the greater part if not the whole on board drownd for we Should have gone to pices in less than a half of an hour but how good the Almighty is to use - I return him my most Sincer prayers for his Kindness to use - thank god we have got clear out as hav all the Ships and hope to be in the course of a few hours at Port Jackson as it is a fine fair Breeze - as we run along the Shore Saw a great number of firess and a few Natives - blessed be to God that we have got Save to ane Anchor in one of the finest harbours in the world - I never Saw any like it - the River Thames is not to be mentioned to it and that I thought was the finest in the world - this Said port Jackson is the most beautiful place - I cannot compair any think to come nearer to it than about 3 miles above Saltash to the Wair - here we make the Ships fast to the Trees on Shore both sides of Governours Cove - we are about 5 miles from the entrance - found all the Ships here at anchor -

Sunday 27 Kist your dear Pictour as Usual on this day and read the lessons for the day - order came on board for which See the orderly Book - my dear wife - Sent the men beloning to Capt. Tench Company on board the Charlotte to be landed from ther - dinned by myself all the rest dinned out - I am Quite charmed with the place - oh that if you was only here and our dear Boy my Alicia I Should not wish to come home if the place agreed with our health but without you I would not Stay if it was the best place under the face of heaven no that I would not my dear Beloved wife for without you I cannot live. The Tents look a prety amonst the Trees - I hope to be on Shore to morrow if Please good 

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