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Extract from journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island…, 26 January 1788, Manuscript, page 4

By Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark - Journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island; and on the Gorgon returning to England, 9 March 1787 - 31 December 1787, 1 January 1788 - 10 March 1788, 15 February 1790 - 2 January 1791, 25 January 1791 - 17 June 1792.

[Page 4] (18-19 February 1790)

Thursday 18 as well as corn can doe I have that they will be so good as to let that Remain but I am much affraid that the[y] will not Returnd to dinner at Majr. Ross's who Said I forgot yesterday when I mentioned Shearp that You and him were not on good terms for which Reason I Shall not take him with me but will askd J. Johnstone which he did in the Evening who Said that he Should be very happy to goe with him —

Friday 19 Cloudy weather after Breackfast went up the harbour in my Boat and took the Skull with me and landed at the place where I found it I collected the rest of the bons and made a grave and depositd them in it and got a Stone placed at the Head without any monumental inscription to denote to any person that may be Ranging this way whose Remains are interred under the Stone all the flesh was not quite decayed particular about upper part of the thigh as the place where I found the Skeleton and where I Buried it is a point of land in Lane Cove I have named it Skeleton point intended to have Returnd to dinner at Majr. Ross's but the day turning out very fine I went father up the Cove and collected Sweet Tea to carry with me to Norfolk Returnd home a little before Sun Sett Shot a few Paroquet Lieut Kellow came to my house Soon after my Return and Said that he would be glad to Speak a few words with me he Said that I was not a Stranger to the disagreable Situation that he has been laboring under for these 15 months past and I hope that you will not have any objections as I have asked Several of my Brother officers and who Say that the[y] have knon that of my going home Sick provisg Majr. Ross will give his consent and gives up the letter which you wrote to him in consequence of the late Captain Sheas representation 

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