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Extract from journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island…, 26 January 1788, Manuscript, page 2

By Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark - Journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island; and on the Gorgon returning to England, 9 March 1787 - 31 December 1787, 1 January 1788 - 10 March 1788, 15 February 1790 - 2 January 1791, 25 January 1791 - 17 June 1792.

[Page 2] (15 February 1790)

Munday 15 the[y] made me to understand that there were no women there I then asked them to goe and bring me down the [blank] which is their name for child Dourrawan went and brought a Boy a bout 3 Years old on his Shoulder the child was as much frightend at use as Davis was at them I then desired Tirriwan to goe and bring me down one of his children as Dourrawan informd me that he was the father of the Child he had brought down and that his woman the mother of his child was (poc) dead of the (mittayon) Small Pox Tirriwan brought also down a Boy much a bout the same age as the other Tirriwan child was not quite Recoverd from the Small Pox I asked him for his (din) he Said that She was up in the wood given a Young child the (nipan) the Breast I gave each of the children a bit of Red cloath I asked them if the[y] would give me the children for my hatt which the[y] Seemd to wish most for but the[y] would not on any account part with there children which I liked them for the Governour has often asked me as the Natives Seemd not So much affraid of me as the[y] are of every body else to take one of them and bring them in Yesterday and to day I might with great ease and without running anydanger have taken these two men but as I told Ellis when he asked me if I did not intend to take them I told him that it would be very Ungenerous to ...

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