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Extract from journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island…, 26 January 1788, Manuscript, page 5

By Ralph Clark

Ralph Clark - Journal kept on the Friendship during a voyage to Botany Bay and Norfolk Island; and on the Gorgon returning to England, 9 March 1787 - 31 December 1787, 1 January 1788 - 10 March 1788, 15 February 1790 - 2 January 1791, 25 January 1791 - 17 June 1792.

[Page 5] (19-20 March 1790)

Stay the[y] wore her which She did only a few Yards from the Rock from there been obliged to wair, it only brought them So much the nearer the Shore the[y] could not Stand long this Way on account of the Reef which runs a long the Shore about 12 oClock the[y] Endevoured to put her about but She would not Stay She got in the trof of the Sea which forst her Stern formost on the Reef as the Bell rung 12 oClock She Struck when the[y] found that She Struck the[y] Cut a way all her mast gracious god what will become of use all, the whole of our Provision in the Ship now a Wreck before use I hope in god that we will be able to Save Some if not all but why doe I flatter myself with Such hopes there is at present no prospect of it except that of Starving what will become of the people that are on board for no boat can goe along Side for the Sea and her am I who has nothing more than what I stand in and not the Smales hope of my getting anything out of the Ship for every body expects that She will goe to pices when the tide comes in Soon after the Ship Struck Major Ross proclaimd Martial Law for which See the orderly Book and the Remainder of what followd in the day for I am So low that I cannot hold the pincle to write in short my pocket Book is foul and will not hold any more

Saterday 20 have been up all night as has every body in the place Soon after the Ship went on Shore trunks, Boxs beds &c what was nearest at hand was thrown over board in hopes it would float on Shore a great dele has come on Shore but as Yet nothing of mine Captain Hunter and between 30 and 40 of the people came on Shore on a graiting made fast to hauzher and the Remainder are coming on Shore as fast as the[y] can as Yet there is nobody drownd or lost I was very near

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