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Extract from, A Journal of a Voyage from Portsmouth to New South Wales and China in the Lady Penrhyn, 1787-1789, Manuscript page 2

By Arthur Bowes-Smyth, Surgeon

Arthur Bowes-Smyth, illustrated journal, 1787-1789. Titled `A Journal of a Voyage from Portsmouth to New South Wales and China in the Lady Penrhyn, Merchantman William Cropton Sever, Commander by Arthur Bowes-Smyth, Surgeon - 1787-1788-1789'; being a fair copy compiled ca 1790.

[Page 80]

Jany. 18th. A gentle breeze -- Expect to see Land this Evening. A Noddy taken on the yardarm -- No land seen at 8 o'Clock for wh. reason the fleet were order'd to lye to all night -- the wind encreas'd in the night & the Ships roll'd very much. --
Saturday 19th. This morng. I arose at 5 o'Clock in hopes of seeing Land, but was disappointed -- The Sirius & all the fleet made Sail abt. 4 o'Clock in the morng. & at 7 a.m. we discover'd Land abt. 40 miles distant. The joy everyone felt upon so long wish'd for an Event can be better conceiv'd than expressed, particularly as it was the termination of the Voyage to those who were to settle at Botany Bay, &: it is 10 weeks on monday since we left the Cape of Good Hope; the longest period of any we had been at Sea without touching at any Port. -- The Sailors are busy getting up the Cables & preparing all things for Anchor- ing - lye to all night.
Sunday 20th. The Sirius made Sail at 4 o'Clock this morng. wt. a fine breeze go 4 Ks. -- Abt. 8 o'Clock we came abreast of point Solander &: Sail'd into the Arrive at Bay, where we were very happy to find the 4 Ships who had parted wt. Botany Bay us, all safe at Anchor. The Supply Brig got there on friday night, but the Alexr. Scarborough & Friendship reach'd it but the Eveng. before us! We saw by the Assistance of a Glass, 7 of the Natives, runing amongst the trees --

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