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Fanny Shorter diary of her voyage as an unmarried immigrant on the ship S. S. Duke of Buccleuch from Plymouth to Brisbane, 3 April-28 June 1884 3 April-28 June 1884

By Fanny Shorter

to their friends. Most of the girls have their mother and fathers on board. Then we have several mothers who have sons and daughters among the married people. We have one lady here over 60 years of age.

The girls have to scrub our floor with sand and holy stone makes them dry and white. Our berths are nice and clean and open, much nicer than in the City of Richmond, but his Old Duke of Buccleuch rocks all the time like a cradle. It is never steady.

We are 12 miles off Lisbon with 3 steamers standing by. They want 3,000 pounds to tow us to Lisbon; will now do it for 1,500 pounds. The Captain will only give 1,000 pounds.

I have seen John Whillie and Ernest on deck, also Aggie and Jack, who look merry enough. They say the engine is disabled. The delay is

Call Number:
MLMSS 5003
Published date:
3 April-28 June 1884