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Folder 1: Letters by Muriel Knox Doherty, May-July 1945 May-July 1945

By Muriel Knox Doherty

The left, the other on the right, in German, reading thus:

“This is the site of the infamous Belsen Concentration camp 
liberated by the British on 15th April 1945.
10,000 unburied dead were found here. 
Another 13,000 have since died. 
All of them victims of the German New Order in Europe 
And an example of Nazi Kulture.”

We drove past vast areas of burnt out huts with only the charred remains & a few odd bits of china & rusted & burnt metal to mark the site. Enormous graves holding from 500 to 8,000 bodies each are grim reminders of Nazi brutality. Practically no children under two survive. A crematorium complete with metal stretcher and long handled metal stoker, nearby, needs no explanation. No babies born in camp were allowed to live. An enormous pile of half burnt out leather boots & shoes, marks the place where they were dumped by the Germans to be used as fuel.The pump where so many were beaten to death as they crawled in search of water, was evident

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Published date:
May-July 1945