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George Wyndham - diary, 1830-1840 1830-1840

By Wyndham, George, 1801-1870

February 1835
a harsh & vinous taste. Drew it off & filled a hogshead & a [indecipherable] with it.
16.M. Fermentn. Continued violent tried to stop it with sulphuring but too late. It is sharp & promises to make good vinegar.
17.T. Filled vat again with Blk. Cluster. 3 buckets of skins & 12 lbs. sugar - ferm. Was rapid, [indecipherable] before day.
19.Th. discharged vat & racked off
20.F. Sulphured.
21.Sat. over Sulphured & stopped fermn. Altogether. Tastes sulphury & a little sweet.
25.W. Another gathering. Pleasant warm day. Max. 89 deg. Must 85 deg fermn began at 9 P.M. filled pipe vat wanting 14 inches.

February 1835
26, Th. Weighed Meg. 9 stone. Gathered Muscatels 1 ½ buckets Hot day. Gonars/both without press 4 Back to max. and 2 baskets of thick skinned. 95 deg. White grape in the Garden. In all 10 buckets of mush, filled a beer hogshead nearly, with 5 lbs. sugar at 9 P.M. fermenting finely - yesterdays gathering running over.
17.F. Discharged vat at sunrise, head had sunk. Wine 100 deg - cool day wind S. at 5 P.M. head of white wine vat had sunk gathered yesterday. Discharged vat & chalked it, sweet taste being nearly gone. vat had a splendid bouquet.
28.Sat. White wine fermentg. Slowly. I like its promise - chalked one tierce of red wine. [indecipherable]

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