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Item 01: 'Vocabulary of the Allyn River Black's Language', ca. 1845 ca. 1845

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1/ Notes on a Cattle drive: On Tuesday morning we started from Camyr Allyn, having sent the stockmen and dray with supplies the day before; to muster the H brand of cattle, which had been almost entirely unlooked after for some years before, and there being a large proportion of unbranded calves among them. On arriving at the yard, we had to construct a wing to the right hand corner, as there was a deep gully on the edge of which the yard was built and when the cattle were coming quickly in they generally rushed down this creek, before a horse could come round to oppose them. By dinner time we had finished a few substantial log panels (sic) extending about 40 yards, and after dinner (we) started for our first lot of cattle. We soon caught a large mob, quietly grazing by the side of a creek, but when [we got them] near the yard, half of them broke away, and galloped off, not to be caught again that night; however we got some more before dark & then had a first rate supper. Indeed you can make a much better meal in the bush, where you have been on the move all day, off damper & tea, than you could from the most luxurious dainties at home.
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Aa 52 / Item 1
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ca. 1845