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Item 01: 'Vocabulary of the Allyn River Black's Language', ca. 1845 ca. 1845

By Creator unknown
turned, then off the whole lot would go shouting cracking whips and making all the noise they could; at last they hunted him into a water hole and killed him. Friday was the dragging day, in which our's [and other per] were seperated (sic) from other people's cattle. The yard was a very inconvenient one for this sort of work, as most of the caps were rotten, and the cattle were very wild, and given to charging. However, at 1 o'clock we had finished and having had dinner started homewards. As soon as the rails were down the cattle rushed out and did there (sic) best to get away, some succeeded; but on the whole, we got off very well; though when we were a few miles down the river, a 'worn out cow' gored one of the horses, but not to hurt him seriously. We stayed a short tine at Mr W. Boydell's yard, to refresh the cattle, and arrived at home about dusk.
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Aa 52 / Item 1
Published date:
ca. 1845