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Item 02: Blanche Mitchell diary, 28 January 1858-27 December 1858 28 January 1858-27 December 1858

to meet them in Sydney, as she is going to get her portrait taken. She waited at Jones' for them, while we went down to the Circular Wharf, got into a boat, rowed to the Waterview Dry Dock, where the Simla was, and went on board to see her. It was coaling, and therefore was in a very dirty state. While we were there, they commenced holystoning the deck, and the saloon; the din and confusion was indescribable. We then went to see Mort's Dry Dock on which £80,000 have been expended, no one would think so at first sight, for the Dock does not reach up very far, not being as yet finished, but that immense sum of money has been spent on what has been done. Returned with the Boultons to the house in the boat, dined there, and came away by myself in the five omnibus. Tuesday 2nd February Went to our respective lessons. A thunderstorm came on, but we started in it at five for the Bradley's. Ran nearly the whole way, as the lightning was very vivid indeed, and the thunder strikingly loud. But we arrived safe through it all, and found ourselves at the Bradley's at half past five. Mr Phillips was there. I sat with him for nearly two hours, and the
Published date:
28 January 1858-27 December 1858